Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#TreatTuesday : Choice Words & Blueberry Cobbler with Ice Cream

Thank you to my Twitter pal, Niki Ohs Barnes, for the #TreatTuesday meme inspiration. Yum!
For more #TreatTuesday inspiration check out Shannon Houghton.
Yes, more blueberries...we've had quite a harvest this year.
I actually started Choice Words by Peter H. Johnston several weeks ago but set it aside for a little bit of a brain break while I read some amazing kidlit. With August here, I need to finish the book so I can share it with beginning teachers and colleagues. 
This truly is a book that makes me think about the ways I talk to students, my own child, and those I mentor...not just in terms of kind, supportive language but also ways I elicit deeper thinking with the types of questions I ask. My take-away right now is that our words with students are about the ways we coach them, not the way we spoon feed them information. It's pretty powerful.  

What are you reading and eating?

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