Saturday, October 12, 2013


Discover. Play. Build. 

On my Twitter feed today came this wonderful invitation from Ruth Ayres to share a celebration each Saturday. The celebration can be anything. 

I love this opportunity to focus on the positive - especially when you've had a week like mine where there are no complaints but there's nothing that jumps out as particularly extraordinary.

My 3-year old wanted to sign up for her first junior cheer camp offered this past week as part of Homecoming. As with all firsts, my mom made sure that she was down her for the quick performance.

I love to watch Maddie with her grandma. With my own grandmothers, there was never any doubt that they cared and loved me, but my mom as a grandma is everything that my grandmothers were not. Sure, there's the tangible spoiling that mom does for Maddie - this kid wants for nothing. My mom is on the floor playing with Maddie (despite the fact that it's not so easy for her to get up off the floor), cuddled up on the couch watching yet another episode of Maddie's favorite Disney show (the Octonauts), or snuggled up in bed reading a book together. All of these are things that I never experienced with my grandmothers. Those relationships were far more formal.

So, on Thursday night, as I watched my mom patiently waiting for the pre-game show of little junior cheerleaders to begin, I had this real appreciation for who she is and how much she loves her granddaughter. Now that I am a mother, I get it that all of this really stems from a deep love that she has for me.

I cannot help but celebrate my amazing mom.


  1. Oh, how I love this post! My mom is the exact same kind of grandma to my daughters (one of them also a Maddie). I'm celebrating your mom and mine now too! What a beautiful post. I hope you share this with your mom!

  2. When your child becomes a parent, it's the first time they have a clue about how much you love them. I wish we had lived closer so I could have more of those Grandma Moments with Devon--who graduates from high school this year. :) Jeanne