Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BE Childlike - Slice of Life

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This week my husband, Mark, brought home a digital camera that he was given as a 'thank you for your service' for 25 years at Georgia Pacific - Toledo. Maddie took the camera around and provided us with a photo journal of her journey around the house.
Maddie, the photographer, before she got her hands on the camera
 Maddie's favorite people, Daddy & Mommy

 The flora ...
 and the fauna.
Not sure of the inspiration behind the front door photo.

The Maddie-sized vehicle...
 compared to the Daddy-sized vehicle.
The amazing thing about Maddie's photographs is that they are all her. No one showed her how to use the camera nor did anyone point out what she should photograph. For a three year old, these are GREAT!
As I thought about her little photo journey, perspective came to mind. In her mind, there's no fear of pushing buttons or worry that she might break it. She just goes for it. What to take a picture of is not a question. She just walks around and photographs whatever tickles her fancy. The parallel for me is the number of times I've limited myself because of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being any good. A lot of opportunity; a lot of growth; a lot of deep relationship building has likely escaped based on fear. I intend on being more like Maddie. More childlike. More uninhibited and just going for it.


  1. What a great little photographer. She has a great eye for subjects. This photographer to be should heed her photos. :)

    1. Thanks Kristen! Kids these days just amaze me with their ability to pick up a tech tool and just go with it.

  2. Wow--what great fun and what amazing photos. Three with no help--incredible.

    1. Thank you, Maya! She has no fear of doing "it" wrong. Of course, some of her photos were a bit off center, however, she was pretty spot on with a vast majority of her pics. She was recently given an iPad mini from her Lolo and the pics on the mini are a riot.

  3. Great blog you have here. Congrats on your Liebster nomination!

    1. Thank you, Gigi, for the compliments. I've still got a lot to learn about blogging but I'm enjoying the learning curve.