Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teachers Write! Monday Quick Write - 07/08/13

You can't take it with you.
I still hear ma's voice say this to me every time I came home crying from school because people made fun of my clothes or when I didn't have the same purse or shoes as the girls my age had. Guess it was supposed to be some sort of comfort. It wasn't. They still had and I still wanted. Those same feelings of inadequacy followed me through high school and college and into adulthood. Only now, the stakes are higher. Bigger house. Fancier cars. Expensive hair and nails. Wish I didn't give damn, really.

You can't take it with you.
That's what dad said to me every time my eyes widened at the money he was spending on the remodel of his home or another plush vacation for himself and ma. He spared no expense. But, let's get one thing straight-this is guy who was a real tight-wad when I was growing up. I mean, he stashed money in places that even ma couldn't find. Borrow money from dad to go to the movie? Forget it. I suppose it comes from growing up with nothing-ya hang on to what you got. That's what made the spending spree so odd. I suppose that would have been the time to borrow a few bucks, right? 
...none of knew about the terminal cancer eating away at his lungs...

You can't take it with you.
I'm a saver. I'm a rainy day fund kind of gal. I'm the exact opposite of my husband. Here I am thinking we are building up a nice little fund so that we have something to fall back on when that big tree in the back yard falls on our house and that guy goes out and buys a new shotgun! What???? At the very least we should be putting away for our daughters college or wedding fund. Sigh. All I get when I talk to him about it is "Babe, might as well spend it while you can. You can't take it with you." Yeah, like I haven't heard that before.

You can't take it with you.
Some people may disagree with the way I raise my daughter. I'm what the doctor called a "mature mother". I think he was trying to politely tell me that I was an old lady having a kid. Well, being mature and all, I find myself cherishing every moment with my little girl. I will not clean the house just so I can cuddle with her on the couch or so we can play dress up in her bedroom. We read books and go on long walks. Every moment of my day is spent with her. I may even indulge her just a tad...I'm firm when necessary, but I do what I can to give her everything her heart desires and then some. At night, I'll just crawl in bed with her so I can listen to the rhythm of her breathing and gaze at her beautiful, angelic face as she sleeps. Nothing in my life is more perfect than her. As she reaches out and touches her little hand to my face, I breath another thank you to the Lord for this special gift because you can't take it with you.

Thank you, Jo Knowles, for today's inspiration!


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  1. This is such a good one. All true. Love you friend of my youth and my heart!