Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teachers Write! Tuesday Quick Write - 07/09/13

Thank You!
Home and heart open to those born of others
Never knowing the physical nature of bearing a child
        You have birthing pains all your own

The incessant questions
    Just trying to figure it out
                        Sort it out
                            Find the rationale for 
How come you gave me away?
Why wasn’t I good enough to keep?
What did I do wrong?
        Small one, you are enough for me.
        You are as my own flesh and blood.
        I love you

Parents who adopt
        Mom and Dad
        Thank you 

Note: Today's post is a thank you letter to all parents who adopt children. People that know me well know that I am adopted and that I have relationships with both of my biological parents and their families. The feelings expressed do not represent feelings that I experience or feel at this time in my life. I thank my own biological parents for having the courage to make what I understand was a difficult but necessary decision. I am who I am today because of the choice they made - thank you. 
My sister, Suzanne, and I were adopted together by Richard and Teri Takano.

 Tuesday's Quick Write was hosted by author Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. Amy is the author of Forest Has a Song, a poetry book for children.Forest Has a Song: Poems  
To see Amy's prompt for today's posting, please follow the link to Kate Messner's website. 


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